The smaller they are,
The harder they fall.

Make your backyard a second living room.

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Removing insects from the outside of your home shouldn’t be a pest.


Mosquitos are dangerous, public-health pests

Due to vectoring of disease-causing pathogens that mosquitos carry, their presence shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mosquito-borne pathogens cause West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and encephalitis. Worldwide, these diseases afflict tens of millions people per year. In the United States alone, West Nile Virus is spreading westward by way of infected birds and encephalitis outbreaks occur frequently.

Mosquitos multiply quickly and exponentially, but can be removed

In the summer months, mosquitos need little resources to multiply. Depending on the species, they are capable of laying eggs in practically any water surface; from still water and mud to simple seepage areas or water-filled tree hole cavities.

A comprehensive plan of attack starts with a dependable insecticide

Our service uses a powerful insecticide formulated with chemicals that deliver impressive knockdown and lasting protection against common mosquito species. Research has shown that our complete service has a significantly longer residual and is less affected by light and soil degradation than a competitor’s insecticide.